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Astrological Effects of Gemstones

Each planet has been astronomically classified with a certain nature, feature, and impact on the humans. Similarly, each gemstone associated with each of those planets is of some unique characteristic and holds a certain impact over its bearer. Vedic astrology believes that the positioning of planets and the interrelation of different planets formed at the time of the birth of an individual affects the way of entire life, as well as the nature and attributes of an individual. Sometimes, the positioning of the planet(s) is weak or unfavorable, and thus it leads to the unpleasant occurrence of situations in one’s life. In order to minimize this impact to almost negligible, use of certain gemstones is considered to be effective.


This impact has been the result of a close detailed study of the astrological effects of the gemstones. Each gemstone holds some power in it to draw cosmic rays towards it, and then turn them favorable for its bearer. Also, gemstones work as a remedy for eliminating the ill-effects of weak or malefic planets in a person’s horoscope. At the same time, gemstones enhance and proliferate the benefits of the presence of benefic planets in a horoscope. The ability of gemstones to create a certain impact over its bearer has been proved and accepted all over the globe. Gemstones are not only effective in making positive physical impacts but are equally valuable in making a positive mental and psychological impact.

Different Aspects of Gemstones or Lucky Stones

Apart from the nature of the gemstone, its weight (or Ratti) is of equal degree of importance for generating favorable impact. It is also influenced by the time and date of wearing a gemstone, the procedure of wearing a gemstone, and the other details such as the finger in which one has to wear it, the particular purpose for which one has to wear it, etc. All these minutest details impact the effectiveness of a gemstone in a major way, and if not followed properly, it might also turn the picture entirely against an individual. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult a reputed astrologer before one chooses to bear any gemstone.

As said above, each planet in Vedic astrology is associated with one primary gemstone and one secondary gemstone. Each of these planets is a ruling planet of a certain horoscope sign. Here are the details:

Ruling Planet: Primary gemstone: Secondary Gemstone


Sun: Ruby: Red Spinel

Moon: Natural Pearl: Tissue Nucleated Pearl

Mars: Red Coral

Mercury: Emerald: Green Tourmaline

Jupiter: Yellow Sapphire: Yellow Topaz

Venus: Diamond: White Sapphire

Saturn: Blue Sapphire: Tanzanite

Rahu: Hessonite (Gomed): Orange Zircon

Ketu: Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye

The Story of Gemstones

A story is associated with the evolution of these gemstones. According to Karma Purana, gemstones are considered to be evolved out of the seven distinct rays (more commonly called as VIBGYOR) reflected by the nine planets of the Solar System. It says that these seven distinct colored rays are the representation of energies, and are the base of the existence of all the cosmos, including humans, and thus affects them in a major way. Sometimes, these are in the form of positive energies and other times, they are in the form of negative energies. Gemstones hold these energies in themselves and work as a counter tools as well as corresponding tools which influence the human fate, destiny, and life in accordance to their ruling planets. Basically, gemstones transform the energies of that particular planet hold by it into a human body and soul to strengthen the effect of that planet for that person’s life and destiny.


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