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Ferty9 has the advanced technology on In Vitro fertilization laboratory which is designed with optimum environmental control. Every fertility hospitals have an IVF lab equipped with the tools which we place sperm, egg, and embryos handled in the environment and it is extremely important for IVF process, which is enhanced to guarantee they are permitted to develop in weak and soggy environments which reproduce the human body as nearly as possible.


Our IVF laboratory consists of latest technology like automatic sperm analyzers, maker counting chamber, sperm class analyzer, IVF workstation, IVF controlled rate freezer, co2 incubator, In Vitro fertilization media used for assisted reproduction, modular incubator chamber, extra inline filters, embryo analysis, and sperm fudge warming plate, cryogenic equipment, lab quality management and etc.  Epoxy veneer has a moderately low reflection level (5-10%), making it reasonable for use in IVF labs and the embryologist uses a stereo microscope to observe in a high magnification. Incubators are varying in size and shape from unit to unit yet they all attempt to convey a similar final product and to the most elevated quality measures.

Advantages of IVF laboratory

  • For various types of infertility, IVF is the main reason which really boosts the chances of pregnancy
  • IVF is used for checking the embryo or egg for any generic abnormalities
  • IVF gives infertility couples the choice of picking donor eggs in situations where the female accomplice may have issues with her own eggs including untimely ovarian disappointment
  • Men has low sperm count which stands to gain from IVF immensely
  • Feeble sperm that can’t treat the egg normally reacts well to IVF


Endometriosis is a most common problem in women, endometriosis defined that usually it is found in the lower abdomen or pelvis and appear anywhere in the body.  Mainly women with endometriosis often have pain with periods, lower abdominal pain or pain even with sexual intercourse. Even it may report hard time to conceive as a pregnant and normally it responds to the sex hormones progesterone and estrogen.

We offer treatment for endometriosis which is generally divided into surgical or medical therapies. As medical treatment involves hormonal alterations while surgical treatments point to remove or destroy deposited endometriosis as possible. Our ferty9 hospital examined carefully to overcome the problem faced by the women in a successful manner.

Causes of endometriosis

Endometriosis can be caused due to genetics and endometriosis, endometriosis and the immune system, endometriosis and retrograde menstruation it occurs in almost all women, but only3 to 10% of menstruating women develops endometriosis. The spread of endometrial tissue in the lymphatic and blood, or the ability of cells in the pelvic cavity as to develop into endometrial tissue. The ferty9 hospital will give the best treatment and suggestions to cure your problem on endometriosis cause by medication or surgical treatments.


Ovarian Cysts

Mainly Ovarian cysts which are liquid filled sacs that forms in or on woman ovaries. Ovarian blisters are genuinely normal and can fluctuate in size. They are small, while ovarian cysts related to ovarian tumors it might be 12 inches or more in breadth. Some sorts of ovarian cysts (polycystic ovary disorder and blisters identified with endometriosis) may make it more troublesome for a lady to get pregnant.

Types of Ovarian Cysts

  1. Functional ovarian pimples – the most widely recognized sort. These innocuous growths frame part of the female’s ordinary menstrual cycle and are fleeting.
  2. Pathological sores – these are blisters that develop in the ovaries; they might be innocuous (kind) or harmful (threatening)

Even they cause menstrual issues and intense pain. There are accepted to be various foundations for ovarian cysts, in spite of the fact that it can be hard to decide the exact reasons why they may have developed. Our ferty9 hospital and research center can examine carefully on a majority of ovarian cysts vanish without treatment inside a couple of months. Surgical treatment to evacuate the pimples might be required on the off chance that they’re expensive, creating manifestations, or conceivably destructive.

Tubal Problems

Tubal problem infertility is often caused by pelvic infection and it includes completely blocked fallopian tubes case, even it also cases with either one blocked tube or no blockage or other damage. The pelvic infection causes such as pelvic inflammatory or endometriosis disease or scar tissue which forms after pelvic surgery. It accounts for about 25-30% of all cases by infertility.

There are several causes of tubal blockage and structural damage to the fallopian tubes includes

  1. Tubal surgery or pelvic results by scar tissue
  2. Infection caused in pelvic or fallopian
  3. Endometriosis


Women who have compared a sexually transmitted disease like chlamyida or gonorrhea or developed a pelvic infection like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) -which can result from an untreated STD- have a greater risk of experiencing tubal factor infertility. Fallopian tubes allow to travel egg from ovaries to the uterus and the fimbriated ends of the tubes grab hold the egg and cilia help to pass the egg down to the uterus. Fertilization occurs in the fallopian tubes, so that sperm must able to enter into the fallopian tubes and significantly structural damage to the fallopian tubes may impact on each of these processes.


When it comes for treating the blocked fallopian tubes the best solution is tubal surgery and the surgery is harmful and it has several side effects. Most things are happened from the tubal surgery increases a woman’s risk developing of ectopic pregnancy.


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